Continuum Technologies, Inc. (Continuum Tech) is a dedicated, customer-responsive company serving the excess asset and inventory management needs of OEMs, CRMs, Distributors, Wholesale Carriers and Enterprise End-Users. Continuum was formed in 2001, as strictly a trading business, and has grown to the most comprehensive service provider in the asset management, and reverse logistics field. Our unique and dynamic team combines 45+ years of experience in Materials Management, VOIP Wholesale, Warehouse Management, Sales and Business Management.

Outstanding service and a competitive price are staples of Continuum Technologies. It's what makes us stand out from the competition and has ensured our longstanding success.

With a development strategy based on managed growth and a focus on the long term, Continuum Technologies has proven to be an aggressive and capable player in a business that is synonymous with change.

We leverage our strengths in financial savvy, determination, creativity, and a long-standing commitment to the customer, to provide the best possible solutions and services to our customers.

It's what we mean when we say:

"Exceptional people. Exceptional service”

Continuum Technologies